How Often Do Hermit Crabs Eat?

Hermit crabs are one those animals which prefer living in groups and not individual. They are scavengers and can eat anything. The scientific name of the hermit crab is coenobita spp. These are omnivorous animals and can live as long as up to 10 years when taken good care. Hermit crabs have long and soft curved abdomen, this soft abdomen has a seashell on top of it for protection purposes hence they are very popular crustaceans carrying their houses with them.

Different Groups of hermit crabs

 How Often Do Hermit Crabs Eat?

Hermit crabs are divided into two groups depending upon the environment in which they live. The two different kinds of environment where hermit crabs live are land water-

  • Land hermit crabs- These are the terrestrial species that live mostly on the land. They mostly live in deserted and tropical lands. These hermit crabs are a part of coenobitidae family. Not all hermit crabs can be kept as pets, however, certain species are made for this like a Caribbean hermit crab or Australian land hermit crab, etc.
  • Marine hermit crabs- These kind of crabs live in water, they are just like aquatic organisms. They hardly come on land, they are comfortable in living beyond the deepness of the ocean. Marine hermit crabs are most common in pets than land ones. They can be kept along with fishes in your aquariums. They can also live when outside water but only until they have wet gills.

Food for hermit crabs

As mentioned above hermit crabs are omnivorous animals and can feed on any type of food provided to them. For a healthy body and life of hermit crabs, they need to get a well-balanced diet. Hermit crabs must be given high-quality food, they can be fed with certain vegetables and fruits like spinach, lettuce, mangoes or coconut. On some days, you can also feed hermit crabs with nuts, shrimps and fish flakes. They demand to have food items with the high calcium content. Just like humans, Hermit crabs ask to be fed with a variety of food and not just one kind of boring food item. You must crush the pelleted food when giving it to crabs.

Steps to take care of when feeding hermit crab

 How Often Do Hermit Crabs Eat?

Hermit crabs have a well-balanced diet, and the schedule of their diet is made in such a way that they get proper food. It is essential to follow the schedule to feed hermit crabs.

  • You should give your hermit crabs commercial food with high quality. This commercial food can become a part of the daily diet of crabs. Hermit crabs are generally fed with food in pellet, gel or powder form. These food items can be provided to the crabs for about 1 teaspoon in a day.
  • You can feed hermit crabs with vegetables and fruits too, it can be fed one time in a day. Bananas, broccoli and coconut are few favourite food items of crabs.


  • One food item which must be given to crabs is wood, wood serves a two-way purpose for crabs, food and playing tool. Wood also does not need to be changed daily, you can keep a stick of wood inside the terrarium of the crab and it can be changed in a week or so. The crab does not have a big stomach like humans, you can feed you crab once in a day.
  • Crabs need food at night since they are nocturnal animals, evening or night is the best time for them to eat. Also, you must make sure that the food given to them at night is removed the next morning.
  • The quantity of the food also depends on the dish and container in which it is provided to the crab. You should use small and shallow dishes so that the crab can easily eat from them. The dish must be either plastic or ceramic since crabs have a sensitivity to metallic things.
  • Make the diet rich with protein and calcium. You can give them calci sand substrate once in every two days. Every day you must feed the crab with some form of protein for his healthy body.

Surprising facts related to hermit crabs

There is a lot to hermit crabs than just being nocturnal or carrying their homes with them. Hermit crabs are very unique animals with enormous shapes and variations. There are thousands of varieties of hermit crabs available but not even half of them can be kept as pets. Although many species of land hermit crabs can be kept as pets only one type of marine hermit crab can be a pet. Hermit crabs can swap shells from other animals, they collect the best shell possible for themselves.

Health issues to be taken care of

 How Often Do Hermit Crabs Eat?

Crabs are very sensitive to certain health problems like mites and loss of limbs. Mites are very common health issue which the crabs face, they can grow on a crab’s body and can cause severe unrests in a crab. When suffering from this, you must clean the area around crabs, clean all the food and gave a nice bathe to crabs in lukewarm water. When two or more hermit crabs are kept together, they often fight with each other, or sometimes due to improper temperature and humidity in their habitat, they undergo loss of limbs. Provide a proper environment to treat this and keep the crabs in different places.

Humans without even realizing possess a great threat to hermit crabs. They search for shells to protect their body, humans collect seashells. They want a clean environment to live, human pollute their environment. Hermit crabs are being kept as pets for years now and now some people also consider hermit crabs as semi-domesticated for their interaction with humans. These animals are very easy to be taken care of and require a minimum time to be spent on their feeding. You must feed the crab with best hermit crab food in their diet for them to be healthy.